Dangerous Goods (DG) Labels - Compliance Advice in NZ

Where to find dangerous goods label compliance advice?

We have compiled a list of companies who provide advice on dangerous goods labels in New Zealand, including: Chemical Labelling advice for Labelling of Hazardous Substances, Import & Export Label Compliance, Label Reviews.

Check if your chemical labels are compliant with NZ, HSNO & EPA Regulations

The businesses listed below can help you and have a genuine New Zealand presence.

Product Description
All Your Labelling Compliance - Label advice, auditing and reviews
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Is my Chemical Label compliant with NZ EPA & HSNO regulations? We check labels for HSNO Compliance & Best Practice using the relevant group standard that describes what is needed on the label. TCC guide you on how to comply with labelling requirements & Product classification identification for: Dangerous Goods (DGs), Hazardous Substances and other chemicals. Services include: Checking Imported & Export Product Labels for Compliance, Checking New Zealand Chemical Labels for Compliance. Categories: Chemical Label Compliance & Auditing