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NZ database of chemical suppliers

Is an online database of chemicals and related goods & services available in NZ. This database differs from anything else available as it is designed to help internet users find products or services. People aren’t searching for businesses – They are directly searching by product name. This database is a powerful tool for businesses trying to buy chemicals or source products.

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Within the NZ Chemical Suppliers system, you have the ability to provide searchers with more information than just your products name. NZ Chemical Suppliers allows you to list your products under ALL of the common names/ synonyms/ spellings/ trade names your goods may be known by and a description of uses. All of these increase the likelihood of your product being found.

NZ Chemical Suppliers rates well on internet searches and when your product is found on the NZ Chemical Suppliers website, the user has the option to click on your website hyperlink taking the potential customer directly to your website.

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