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Where to find Emergency Management Plans advice in NZ

We have compiled a list of consultants who provide help with Emergency Management Plans in New Zealand, including: Writing and Authoring of: EPA, HSNO, Emergency Management Plans (EMP) for chemicals, Dangerous Goods (DGs), Hazardous Substances, Emergency Response Plans to Hazardous Substance Releases.

The businesses listed that supply Emergency Management Plan (EMP) advice, have a genuine New Zealand presence.

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Emergency Management Plans (EMP)
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One of the key areas of the Hazardous Substances and New Organisms Act 1996 was the requirement for sites holding significant quantities of hazardous substances to have a documented emergency response plan and to exercise each aspect of this at least once a year. While it is the responsibility of the client to write this plan, we are able to assist in the process by suggesting tailored areas that should be included in these documents to fulfil the requirements of the regulations. Categories: Emergency Management Plans (EMP), Chemical Services, Hazardous Substance Compliance, HSNO Compliance.
Emergency Response Plans (ERP) auditing and testing.
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Emergency Response Plans (EMP): Do your chemical quantities trigger the need for an ERP? If so, we are able to assist you with creating, updating, or testing your current plan to see if its right for you. If you're not sure, drop us a line with your chemical inventory and we can advise you on what might trigger the need for an Emergency Response Plan, if at all. We also offer a spill response management course to give your staff the confidence and skills to write and practice your emergency plans. Categories: Emergency Management Plans, Chemical Services, Hazardous Substance Compliance, HSWA Compliance. Category: previously Emergency Management Plans (EMP)