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Looking at where to find Transitional Facility Services? We have compiled a list of companies who provide Transitional Facility Training & Services in New Zealand, including: Transitional Facilities Support, Transitional Facility Signage, Sea Container Inspection Packs, How to import sea containers, Biosecurity Treatment Verification, Import Services.

If looking for a particular Transitional Facility Service, simply use the search box, then use the suppliers website link to enquire or for prices. The businesses listed that provide Transitional Facility Services, have a genuine New Zealand presence.

Product Description
Chemfreight - Hazardous Goods Storage & Distribution. Chemfreight's operates effectively as a NATIONAL DISTRIBUTOR with locations in Auckland and Christchurch offering WAREHOUSING & STORAGE, CONTRACT PACKING & TOLL MANUFACTURING, TRANSPORTATION and DISTRIBUTION SERVICES for general goods with expertise in hazardous, dangerous chemicals. Our nationwide service including: warehousing and transportation take the headache out of stock management and distribution within New Zealand. (DG Storage)
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WAREHOUSING AND STORAGE: Secure 24 hour all Weather Load in-out Areas, Certified Experienced Hazardous Chemical Handlers, Bunded Warehouses, MAF Approved Transitional Facility, Certified to Store Dangerous Goods Classes 1 to 9, Fully Racked Warehouses, Heat Sensored Bunkers, In Rack Foam Fire Fighting System, HSNO Certified. CONTRACT PACKING & MANUFACTURING: Chemfreight's modern toll blending facility can handle your job. From 200 litres to 20,000 litres we can do it. We will pack your product into 10, 20, 200 litre containers or 1000 litre IBC tanks. Chemfreight is TELARC registered assuring quality and accuracy when manufacturing your product. Categories: Chemical Distributors, Toll Manufacturers, CONTRACT PACKAGING, Chemical Packers & Blenders, Distribution & Mixing Services, Contract Manufacturing.
CONTRACT PACKAGING & STORAGE: pride themselves on their ability to take on work and turn it around in a short time frame, resulting in very satisfied customers. The range of products they handle ranges and can vary from packing solids and powders into bags from 5kg to 1 Ton or liquids from 500ml bottles to bulk tanks. Nationwide service conveniently located in Mt Mt Maunganui, Tauranga.- Toll Manufacturing, Chemical Packers
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CPS produce the end product to each client's specifications and requirements while providing a total product quality management programme to support and safeguard their products integrity. CPS has Full MAF accreditation as a Transitional Facility & Operators and has Approved Handlers certified for the following substances: Class 3 - Flammable Liquid, Class 5 - Oxidiser, Class 6 - Toxic, Class 8 - Corrosive (Acid/ Alkali), Class 9 - Ecotoxic / Miscellaneous. CPS are specialist chemical product manufacturers to the animal health, horticulture and industrial cleaning sectors. Categories: Toll Manufacturing, Chemical Packers and Blenders, Chemical Mixing Services, Contract Packing and Manufacturing, Chemical Blending Services, Chemical Services.
Export Certification
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What is export certification and what do I need to do for forestry/timber products? Export certification is the process required to raise a phytosanitary certificate (Phyto E-Cert) and includes the inspection and treatment of consignments where necessary. A phytosanitary certificate is an official government document that gives government-to-government assurance the correct procedures and processes have been undertaken, to provide certainty consignments are free of contaminants, have been inspected and are verified by an independent verification agency such as IVS. Categories: Sea Containers Inspections, Exporting Services, Sea Containers Services, Transitional Facility Services.
Exporting from New Zealand
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What do I need to do to export plants or forestry products from New Zealand? To export plants or forest products from New Zealand, you must have a verified phytosanitary certificate. A phytosanitary certificate (Phyto E-Cert) is a certificate of compliance that provides government-to-government assurance that the plants or forest products meet the Importing Countries Phytosanitary Requirements (ICPR’s). To obtain a Phyto E-Cert, the products must be inspected to ensure they are free from the pests, diseases or contamination, as specified by the importing Country. Categories: Exporting Services, Sea Containers Services, Transitional Facility Services.
How to import sea containers
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What do I need to do to meet the biosecurity requirements of importing commodity goods into New Zealand? To receive imported goods directly to your premises in New Zealand, your business must be approved and operating under processes and procedures as set by the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI)*. MPI administers the New Zealand biosecurity system and sets regulations to protect the welfare of New Zealanders, our environment and our international trade relationships. Categories: Sea Containers Inspections, Sea Containers Services, Transitional Facility Services, Import Services.
Sea Container Inspection Pack (SCIP) - Transitional Facility
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Conduct container checks in a truly professional manner with an IVS Sea Container Inspection Pack (SCIP), to instil confidence in your biosecurity operations for your customers and regulators. Sea Container Inspection Pack (SCIP) contains: Accredited Person Safety Vest x 1, Biosecurity Waste Bags x 6, Equipment Decals x 10, Safety Cone Warning Sleeves x 2, Telescopic Inspection Mirror x 1. Categories: Sea Containers Inspections, Sea Containers Services, Transitional Facility Services, Biosecurity Services, Import Services.
Transitional Facility Operator Training - Biosecurity Training
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All Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI - formerly MAF) approved transitional facilities must have a certified Transitional Facility Operator (TFO), and in some cases a Deputy TFO, to maintain overall responsibility for biosecurity activities at their business. A TFO is the designated person whose name appears on the MPI "Certificate of Approval as a Transitional Facility and Operator". Categories: Sea Containers Inspections, Sea Containers Services, Biosecurity Services.
Transitional Facility Signage
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Transitional Facility signs should be placed in appropriate areas, such as entrance ways within your facility. It is important you have signs that are compliant, as these will be checked during your next MPI audit. Simply choose from one of our three pre-approved layouts. Categories: Sea Containers Inspections, Sea Containers Services, Transitional Facility Services, Import Services.
Transitional Facility Support
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The Biosecurity Support Programme offers an ongoing partnership between Transitional Facilities and IVS, your biosecurity solutions provider. Annual membership to the programme helps ensure business continuity with full access to our experienced biosecurity team who work with you to produce your operating procedures, gain and maintain transitional facility approval, future proof procedures, improve systems and put biosecurity into plain language everyone can understand. Categories: Sea Containers Inspections, Sea Containers Services, Transitional Facility Services, Import Services.