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We have compiled a list of D’Limonene suppliers in NZ. Limonene is a colourless liquid hydrocarbon classified as a cyclic terpene. The more common D-isomer possesses a strong smell of oranges citrus. See also: d limonene solvent, d limonene cleaner, D Limonene, d’limonene,

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Product Description
D Limonene
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D Limeolene: 5 Litres, 20 Litre, 200 Litre Drums. Categories: Limonene
d-limonene - Artfix solvent
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d-limonene - Artfix solvent. (Code: Llimd8e 2968.8-500ml) - PRODUCTS SOLD TO UNIVERSITY RESEARCHERS & SCHOOLS LABORATORIES. Category: Laboratory Chemicals.
d-Limonene LR 2.5L
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d-Limonene, 2.5 Litre , D LIMONENE, D'limonene - Laboratory Reagents Grade. (Code: Llimd8e 2968.8-2.5L) - SOLD TO SCHOOL LABS & UNIVERSITY RESEARCHERS IN NZ. D Limonene, d'limonene, dLimonene, Category: Laboratory Chemicals.
D-Limonene - Minimum Quantities Apply
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D-Limonene. Consolidated Chemicals premier suppliers of specialist chemical products in New Zealand. SUPPLIERS TO BUSINESS CUSTOMERS ONLY.
D-Limonene Orange
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D-Limonene Orange Sizes: Industrial Grade 1 Litre, 20 Litres, 200 Litre Drums. COMMON USES: Cosmetics, cleaners, and solvent. TRADE NAME: D-LIMONENE ORANGE. SCIENTIFIC NAME: 4-isopropenyl-1- methylcyclohexene. PROPER SHIPPING NAME: TERPENE HYDROCARBONS, N.O.S. HAZARD CLASS: Class 3, UN NUMBER 2319. OTHER NAMES: Dipentene, Citrus
D'Solve - D'limonene based solvent solution. Glue, adhesive, grease, and oil remover
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Cyndan D'Solve is a D'limonene based natural solvent solution, designed to dissolve and remove most glues and adhesives, along with grease, oil, brake fluid and road dirt and grime. Categories: D Limonene Cleaning Chemicals
Electroclean - Electrical contact cleaner spray. D'limonene natural citrus solvent
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Cyndan Electroclean is a natural electronic cleaning aerosol citrus solvent, non residual and rapid evaporating, ideal for contact cleaning of precision and electrical componentry. Categories: D Limonene Cleaning Chemicals
Orange Based Cleaner - 5Litres - QualChem. Powerful All Purpose hard surface biodegradable cleaner containing d limonene orange peel solvent.
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Citrus Based Cleaner has been formulated with a unique blend of biodegradable surfactants for cleansing and degreasing floors, walls, concrete, toilets, hand basins and all washable surfaces. Environmentally friendly. NZFSA Approved C32. ECNZ Licence No: 3709051 Commercial & Institutional Cleaners Light cleaning/spray and wipe: 125ml or 0.5cup in 10L cold water 1:80 Heavy Duty Cleaning of walls, sinks, tubs, vinyl, plastic etc.: 500ml or 2cups in 10L cold water 1:20 Sanitising: 500ml or 2cups in 10L cold water 1:20 Heavy Duty degreasing: 1000ml or 4 cups in 10L cold water 1:10 General Cleaning, wet mopping and steam cleaning: 250ml or 1cup in 10L water 1:40... Buy Citrus Based Heavy Duty Cleaner from Insinc Products, Buy Heavy Duty eco friendly cleaning products in NZ. Categories: All Purpose Cleaners, Industrial Cleaning Products, Multipurpose Citrus Based Cleaners NZ.
Break Up - Citrus based solvent cleaner degreaser. Glue, goo and sticky residue remover
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Cyndan Break Up is a powerful, non toxic, d-limonene based, citrus degreaser. It readily penetrates and dissolves asphalt, ink, tar, wax, grease gum, rubber and adhesives. Categories: D Limonene Cleaning Chemicals
CITRUS PRO - FibreTech - Carpet Spotter
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Spotter / Booster. D Limonene blend of solvents for boosting detergents in heavy soil scenarios and removing oil and grease spots. For carpet, upholstery, ceramic tile and grout. Cleaning Systems trade suppliers of professional, industrial & commercial chemicals; Cleaners, Equipment & Training. Categories: Carpet Spot Correction, Carpet Spotter, Carpet Stain Remover
CLEAN FLEET CONCENTRATE - A Super Concentrate Fleet, Car & Truck Wash, General Equipment, Private and Leisure Vehicle Cleaning Agent
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2 & 20 litres sizes available. A Super Concentrate Fleet & General Farm Equipment cleaner. Biodefradable. Contains: D-Limonene
Dispensers 4ml Dose
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RS-4 Shippable, 4ml dose dispenser, comes standard fitted to 38mm cap. Resistant to D-Limonene, flap-valve foot allows for small particulates. Also available with Large Lid Adaptor to fit caps 45mm upwards including 20L jerry cans. 106450
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GREEN’R CITRUS CLEANER is a clear orange, alkaline, all purpose, hard surface cleaner based on D’ Limonene. PRODUCT FEATURES - Biodegradable. - Prevents stubborn soil and suspends it for easy rinsing. - Cleans and deodorisers in one operation. - Particularly effective against oil, grease and protein stains. APPLICATIONS GREEN’R CITRUS CLEANER can be used on any washable surface – walls, tables, benches, work surfaces, floors, concrete, terrazzo, ceramic tiles, etc. Citrus Cleaner - GreenR
Orange Oil
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Orange Oil: 5 Litres, 20 Litres, 200 Litre Drums. D'Limonene.
XTREME CLEAN: Concentrated Antibacterial Citrus Based Cleaner: Xtreme Clean is a heavily concentrated antibacterial citrus based cleaner, one 5 litre container of the product makes approximately 100 litres of ready to use general surface cleaner. Xtreme Clean concentrated antibacterial citrus based cleaner is simple, safe and easy to use. It has been specifically designed to meet and surpass the tough cleaning requirements of not only industrial and commercial users, but the rural and domestic users also. Xtreme Clean may be applied to the required surface with either a water blaster, a steam cleaner, a knapsack or garden pressure sprayer, a mop or cloth applicator and also suitable for use in an atomiser as a spray on, wipe off cleaner.
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Xtreme Clean contains the powerful ingredient de limonene, a blend of biodegradable surfactants, water softeners and builders, and a quaternary ammonium compound producing the most versatile, biodegradable cleaner-disinfectant on the market today. Xtreme Cleans powerful. Naturally derived disinfectant will kill surface bacteria right down to a 40-1 ratio; it will also kill moss and mould spores and is great for cleaning around the toilet. Categories: Citrus Cleaners; Bathroom Cleaning Products; General Purpose Cleaning Suppliers; Workshop Cleaning Products. Categories: Buy Citrus Cleaners NZ; Bathroom Cleaning Products; General Purpose Cleaning Suppliers; Xtreme Clean International, Workshop Cleaning Products