Essential Oils NZ Suppliers

Where to buy Essential Oils in NZ

We have compiled a list of Essential Oil suppliers in NZ, including: Vegetable Oils, Carrier Oils, Organic Essential Oils, Essential Oil Blends, Extracts, Butters, Clay’s, Massage Oils and Aromatherapy Suppliers. Looking for a particular Essential Oil to purchase? Simply use the search box below, then use the suppliers website link to enquire or for prices. The companies listed that supply Essential Oils including: manufacturers, distributors, industrial, wholesalers, retailers and bulk aromatherapy supplies all have a genuine NZ presence.

Essential Oils A – H Base Oils Caramel Conditioner Base Fragrance Oil
Essential Oils H – V Basil Caraway Copaiba Balsam Frangipani
Essential Oils W – Z Bath Bomb Mould Carmine Coriander Frankincense
Beach Daisies Fragrance Carnation Fragrance Corn Starch Fruit Oil
4 Leaf Clover Bearberry Carotene Cosmetic Butter Fruit Powder
Abyssinian Oil Bentonite Clay Carrageen Cosmetic Jar Fruity Fragrance
Ajowan Bergamot Oil Carrier Oil Cottonseed Oil Galbanum
Akeake Bilberry Extract Cashew Nut Cranberry Gardenia
Allantoin Black Clay Cassia Cucumber Geranium Oil
Almond Butter Black Currant Cedar Wood Oil Cumin Ginger
Almond Meal Black Pepper Oil Cedarwood Cupric Ginger Oil
Almond Oil Black Seed Certified Essential Oil Cupuacu Butter Ginkgo
Aloe Butter Black Soap Certified Organic Essential Oils Curcumin Glass Votive
Aloe Vera Black Tea Cetostearyl Alcohol Cypress Oil Glycerin Soap
Alpha Arbutin Blackberry Chamomile Oil Daikon Radish Goji
Alpha Bisabolol Blue Mica Chanel No 5 Fragrance Dead Sea mineral Mud Gotu Kola
Alpha Pinene Blueberry Cherry Kernel Dendritic Salt Grape
Alyssum Fragrance Body Butter Base Chestnut Diffuser Grape Leaf
Amigel Borage Chia Seed Dill Oil Grape Seed
Andiroba Oil Bromelain China Clay Echium Grape Seed Extract
Angelica Root Bronze Mica Christmas Elder Berry Grape Skin
Annatto Bubblegum Fragrance Cinnamon Oil Elder Flower Grapefruit
Aphrodisiac Burdock Root Cistus Epsom Salt Green Clay
Apple Buriti Oil Citronella Oil Eremophila Green Mica
Apple Fragrance Cabbage Tree Citrus Fragrance Essential Oil Blends Green Tea
Apricot Cabreuva CK One Fragrance Essential Oil Burner Guaiac Wood
Apricot Kernel Oil Cafe Mocha Fragrance Clary Sage Essential Oils Guar Gum
Arabica Gum Cajeput Clays Eucalyptus Essential Oils Guava
Argan Oil Calendula Cleansing Lotion Base Evening Primirose Oil Gum Acacia
Armoise Camelia oil Clove Evening Primrose Gum Arabic
Arnica Camellia Clove Bud Extracts Gum Tragacanth
Aroma Beads Camphor Clove Oil Fennel Harakeke
Aromatic Blends Cananga Cocamidopropyl Betaine Fennel Sweet Hazelnut Oil
Aromatic Oils Candelilla Cocoa Butter Fig Extract Hemp Oil
Arrowroot Candle Dye Coconut Fig Fruit Hemp Seed Oil
Avocado Candle Making Coconut Fragrance Fir Needle Herbaceous Fragrance
Avocado Butter Candle Mould Coconut Sugar Floral Fragrance Herbal Extract
Avocado Oil Candle Wax Cod Liver Oil Floral Waters Hibiscus Flower
Azadirachta Candles Coffee Bean Fractionated Coconut Oil Himalayan Salt
Babassu Capric Caprylic Collagen Fragonia Hoheria
Baby Powder Fragrance Capsicum Comfrey Fragrance

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